Frank E Hollywood  provides a custom art service that delivers creative solutions and ideas for numerous clients. Frank E Hollywood is a full service one-stop shop that develops and connects ideas, markets, clients and creatives to a specific or broader audience.

Frank E Hollywood is well-known for his paintings but also for the highly inventive customization of objects from designer dresses to vintage furniture.


Frank E Hollywood already has numerous collaborations under its belt, Recently he worked on a great project for Bjorn Borg and he already worked with the likes of Marco Borsato for the creation of a limited edition artwork for his latest album.  But he also worked with Spotify, Magnum, Heineken, Samsung and many more. 


For a more information on Frank E Hollywood's art concepts click on the cases below.





• custom clothes

• live fashion creaction

• custom styling for shows 





nelly x fashiolista frank e hollywood

frank e hollywood bjorn borg

american vintage frank e hollywood fashiolista


Art solutions:

• Brand activation 

• Pop-Up art events

• Art during press launches

• 360 degree art concepts













magnum pleasure store frank e hollywood


samsung live art vrij frank e hollywood



• Tv performances

• Window designs

• Paintings and prints

• commisioned paintings

• custom furniture





frank e hollywood herrie in de keuken


marco borsato frank e hollywood


welcome home frank e hollywood




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