Home of the brave

Home of the brave


acrylic on linnnen




This series is based on SUBVERSIVE CONSUMER CYNICISM but instead of “Shocking a deluded humanity into awareness of its foolishness” I choose to use more subtile and almost poetic approach towards our western democracy.  Not foccussing on only the bad but also the good within our system. The female subjects in the pieces wearing nearly nothing more then flag are perfect examples how fragility and strength can be shown all in one image. The flags are worn in different ways. It is a symbol of our moral compass and our common shared values. However the way we experience these values and how we act on it is very personal and open for interpretation. That is what I tried to embody in the various ways the models pose. In some cases I also chose to use clearly more vanitas like symbols to empower the message of the artwork. 

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Levertijd: 7 dagen


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