Monochrome Monarch

Monochrome Monarch



limited edition fine art


In this serie the focus lies with the observer instead of the artwork itself.  The lenticular technique creates a new way for the audience to experience my arworks. The artworks might change shape, color, depth or flip depending on the angle or distance of the observer to the piece.

The monochrome monarchs represent this state of transition with a ‘vanitas’ like symbolism. The images of young women with butterflies in their mouths depict transience of life as a reminder that life is temporary and moral considerations deserved more attention than material things. 

In this artwork it is taken a step further. The negativ is turned into a whole and then turns into a negativ again. Portraying three mortal stages: birth, life and death. In a more spiritual sense the butterfly could be considered the resurrection of Christ who died for the sins of man.

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