she knows better

She knows better 150x150x4cm
on canvas 

mixed media

Neo nostalgia:

In this serie I aim to explore the tension between the past and future. I am  not interested in creating a romanticized image of the past. Rather, I draw on the collective visual history to create a truly modern image. Sometimes the collage component acts as a time capsule, capturing the spirit of the past while the painted surface conveys future ideas of art, the body, and aesthetics. The nostalgic elements in the artwork reflect the uncertainty of our times. We cling to the familiar when we are afraid or confused. I use these elements to create a symbol of hope. Nostalgic images are recycled, creating something modern and unique. This playful way of creation I like to call neo-nostalgia. 

If you want to see how this painting hangs on your wall download the free iphone app in the app store and use the simulator option:

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Levertijd: 7 dagen


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